Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mid Review Proposal

Day and Night: View looking South - the PV canopy and the 'Kitchen'

Inside the 'Kitchen': Damn I LOVE me some tomatoes!!

Day and Night: View from the Street

The South Section and the 'Moss Wall'

The West Garden - Veggies and Flowers

The form of the roof planes is designed to allow lots of daylight to flood the 'Kitchen'

Seasonal and Diurnal changes are registered on the project through a variety of ways, but especially through the different stages the garden moves through during the year.

We are still trying to make sure that the PV gets implemented: we need to get the paperwork moving very soon however if we are even going to have a shot at getting any state money. The array has be redesigned to make sure that we are well under the 20% shaded threshold however - so hopefully there won't be any problems with it once we get it submitted to NYCERDA.

The Gardens are of basically three types: Veggies / Flowers, a Bamboo / Tree screen, and a Shade Garden. All of these are designed in planters with lots of seating elements built in.

Section through the Kitchen showing materials and construction techniques.

Section through the North Side: Bamboo screen, benches and Sedum under Grating.

Construction and Structural Exploded Axon.

And in other news: I'm calling the Stanford-Pinetrees going all the way this year. You heard it here first folks!

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Star said...

wow . . . actually I believe the team you're referring to is the Stanford Cardinal. I swear if you just watched SportsCenter this all would be cleared up.

And the Cardinal doesn't have a chance at the tournament. I bet $10 they'll be knocked out this round (sweet 16).

The boards look good though . . . especially that one on PV.