Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ceiling Panels and Lights . . . But still no Solar Panels

Well its spring break - so we got to steal a few days away from school to finish up some things. A bunch of us came up monday to do some finish painting, fix the floor, move some lights and other punchlist type stuff. Johnny, Joel and I went back tuesday and installed the pavillion ceiling panels. I think it looks awesome.

Its 1/2" birch plywood, cut into 4x4 squares and chamfered on the edges. We expect the structure to bend and twist a bit so hopefully the lines created by the chamfers will hide any gaps that form between panels. Its all pre-finished and fabricated by Johnny's shop in brooklyn - made it wicked easy to install. Still needed some trims here and there - but worked out great for the most part. We also put up some more of the richlite panels. We'll install the rest later this spring when we come to do the solar panels.

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