Saturday, November 22, 2008

Epilogue: Showin' Off

East Garden. Circa early Novemeber.

I know, I know. I have been just terrible about updating this poor little forgotten blog. But I'm back, and I've brought some fun photos with me - so thats worth something . . . right?

The gallery Thursday night.

More partyin': sorry the pictures are so lousy

Thursday we presented the Design Workshop project with a lecture and slide-show which accompanied a big exhibit that we installed in one of the Newschool galleries. ( the new one right on 5th avenue - pretty slick) The gallery show will stay up through Christmas and is a collection of photos, drawings, models, mock-ups and other assorted goodies (including a mannequin we dressed up in our grimy Workshop clothes). The lecture went great: there was a huge crowd and everyone had a good ol' time showing off our project. David Lewis had us all back to his place for a celebratory dinner afterwords which was super fun - and hopefully we didn't keep him up too late (although I'm pretty sure we did).

Johnny and Solveig installing the show

gallery hangers from way back.

That was all fun and good, but putting together the show I realised I never put any nice photos of the final project up on the website - so I've posted a collection below. We are waiting until next spring to hire a real photographer to do it right - hopefully we can have some plants in, some people there, and everything buttoned up. Ohh - right, I guess an update on the state of the project would be good too huh?

Well its kind of in a holding pattern at the moment. The clients still don't have a CofO yet which means they still don't really own the building which means we aren't really allowed up there to work right now (no insurance and all that jazz). We have a new electrician who is much better at dealing with the NYSERDA application for the solar panels, so we are expecting the money for those any week now. We have everything else (the ceiling, the walls, etc.) fabricated, but it is all sitting on site waiting for us to get the all clear to start working. The electricians have run the conduit for almost the entire roof, and I believe the roofers have finished putting the waterproofing on. So I think over January break we should be able to install the Solar Panels and the celing and the lighting. I'll keep you updated.

For now though - here are some 'Final' photos of the project as it stands today.

Still standin' - thats a good sign.

Mmmm. Material goodness.

East Side benches.

Inside the Pavilion looking south

Pavilion. Still no ceiling or solar panels. But they're comin. I promise.

North Wall of the Pavilion

Ipe and Polycarb Wall Panels.
Solar Panel truss and cable X-bracing.

Greenhouse-t0-column-to-roof-to-wall-to-2-directional-X-bracing. Wow, how many things can all intersect in one spot?

North Garden Black Locust benches.

West Garden, looking north.

West Garden.

West garden, north end. Ready for the some plants.

Our glorious greenhouse. I can't wait till the whole place is covered in green stuff.

The greenhouse hangs off the pavilion - custom made brackets (W8x35 cut at that crazy angle.)

Greenhouse windows from inside the Pavilion.


Toolshed sink. Ipe and Polycarb.

Looking north.

South Canopy-ness.

Mosswall and black locust benches.

Meg and her Mosswall.

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